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  Something Silver Moxie Styles  
Ozarks Americana Downtown Disneyland 1761 Lake Woodmoor Emma Downtown
4131 old seward highway Anaheim Monument 422 SW First
Anchorage     Albany
  Something Silver  Chic Junque  
Arizona: the shops at mission viejo 5701 Whiskey River Josephines
Modern Mommy mission viejo Colorado Springs 271 N Hemlock #2 
3355 W Chandler Blvd     Cannon Beach 
#3 Something Silver    
Chandler Fashion Valley Mall   Something Silver
  San Diego   9302 SW Washington sq rd
Frances Vintage     #v405
10 West Camelback Amelie  Delaware Tigard
Phoenix 1182 Roseville Parkway #165  Avenue Apothecary Spa  
  Roseville  110-A Rehoboth Ave Jubelee
Hummingbird House   Rehoboth Beach  2359 NW great place
100 Brewer Rd      Bend
Sedona Vintage Etc Florida  
  800 Palm St Trader Ricks  
Canyon Ranch Store San Louis Obispo 13499 US 41 SE  
8600 E Rockcliff   Fort Meyers Fl Texas
Tucson Bella   My Vintage Home
  300 center st  Wish on Main  7632 Campbell rd
One Wing Boutique Healdsburg 8111 Lakewood Main St #311
3370 S Pleasant Place   ste j-110 Dallas 
Chandler Udderly Perfect lakewood ranch  
  1205 Highland ave   Curious Soul Creations
Salon Vaunt  manhatan beach Something Silver 301 Prairie
14940 w indian School rd   Downtown Disneyworld  Pinehurst 
goodyear    Orlando  
  Company’s Coming   Halo Salon 
Write On  1106 E Clark Ave Hawaii 6323 Camp Bowie
6201 North St  Orcutt  A little Bit of Everything #149 
Phoenix   Imperial Plaza Fort Worth
  Perfectly Me Boutique 725 Kapiolani Blvd C111  
Heavens Glory Boutique 13681 newport ave Honolulu   
1900 West Germann Rd  ste 8362   Utah :
Chandler tustin Angels by the Sea  
    2552 Kalakaua Olive and Cocoa
Corona Optique   Waikki Beach Marriot Spa 4278 South 500 West
2149 w 24th St.   Honolulu Salt Lake City 
  Shelbys Garden Cinnamon Girl  Turiyas Gifts
Scottsdale Performing Arts 629 Laurel several Hawaii locations 1569 S 1100 East 
7380 E 2nd St  San Carlos Maui, Honolulu Salt Lake City 
  The Antique Gardener Kansas Washington
Pointe Hilton Tapatio 80 main st Simply Baby and More simply vintage
11111 n 7th St Sutter Creek 128 S Santa Fe 1311 Alder St
Phoenix   Salina Milton
Cottage Garden    Maryland something silver
7162 n 58th ave   Take Me Home 4628 village court NE
glendale  Indiana 216C  South Talbot Seattle 
  Claire-Marie Saint Micheals  
Personal Touch by DC designs Seymour   Fiddle Heads
2127 w melinda lane   Michigan 126 W First St
phoenix Missouri Play Clothes Port Angeles
  Blue Relics & Revivals 345 River St  
Botanica Farms  1166 CR 559 Manistee  
6106 s  32nd St  Poplar Bluff    
phoenix   Minnesota   
  Ohio: Moxie  
in the pink Bonne Amie 2123 First Ave  
4422 e camelback rd 31 N Main St  Hibbing   
suite b Chagrin Falls    
phoenix   Vanity Hair   
    6001 Egan Dr #190  
    Lilly Lu   
    120 Hitching Post  
    Bellissmo Boutique  
    1313 S Carson St   
    Carson City   
    New York  
    Lavender Fields  
    415 East Main Street  
    Port Jefferson   
    Pink Pig Inc  
    661 NYS Rt 22